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K9TVng with over 7 years experience educating, entertaining and promoting the dog culture.


 The K-9 TELEVISIONis a platform that parades a group of professionals who have distinguished themselves in the process of informing, educating and entertaining the mass audience.

We are bold to say we have a number of committed personnel who play one role or the other in ensuring that our dream and vision of promoting the canine industry with emphasis on dogs are made a reality.

We have ANCHORS/PRESENTERS who have shown a degree of interest, having passed through the stage-by-stage processes of arriving at the production details.

There are PROFESSIONAL CAMERA OPERATORS who have continued to contribute their quota to the realization of the dream to the level we have achieved so far.

MOTION EDITORS who work both as full-time or contractual personnel exist with underlined unusual input that has continued to stand us out in our production efforts.

NON-LINEAR EDITORS who have worked in various capacities with both public and private sectors are part of the greatest encouragement we have witnessed in our quest to give recognition to the best friend of humans.

The REPORTORIAL TEAM has also been beefed up as various outing we have had have shown that we were good to go.

We are lucky to have leveraged on our goodwill as individuals to have attracted volunteers who have eventually become  SCRIPT WRITERS with K-9 TELEVISION.

The results have not only been encouraging but also inspiring.


CAMERAS: We are bold to say that we have succeeded in putting in place camera equipment that would match global quality and production that one could be proud of.

We operate with HD Cameras as well as DSLR Cameras that have made our productions efficient and distinct.

LENSES: With relevant lenses used for appropriate scenes and recordings, we can beat our chest that we are determined to go places in terms of achieving a set agenda for dogs and their friends.

LIGHTING EQUIPMENT: These are the compliments of our efforts in the task of making the sector as popular as it had been for the soccer world.

The led facilities we parade have given a nod to the  realization of our vision and mission.

EDITING FACILITIES: The post-production stage becomes more relevant when the right devices are employed for delivery of the entire content as recorded. This necessitated the acquisition of Mac Computers and we are glad to emphasize that the development has made our team’s delivery more mature and filled with the confidence to soar.

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Having gone through the various characteristics in the dog world, we came up with segments that would showcase dogs as the best friends of humans and the only animal that would be willing to lay down his life for his master.

We also came up with other segments that entertain and equally educate and enlighten.


We are out basically to ensure that the dog world becomes more popular while structures and processes are put in place to facilitate a total regulation of the sector with the hope of achieving a violent-free dog-keeping as well as a system that encourages socialization of dogs.


We are extremely hopeful that this development will go a long way in making the sector a well-coordinated  one and more regulated system.

This is what the K-9 TELEVISION will achieve with the level of support we are expecting from our partners.

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