k9tvng, dogs, canine, k9 television

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Dogs and people began living together 15,000 years ago. Dogs have proven themselves time and again to be loyal, kind, understanding, and have an indomitable spirit.

What we do...

We are professionals...

  • We are a broadcast Outfit with special focus on the Canine industry.
  • We  carry out special interviews with dog lovers, breeders and veterinary experts.
  • Our focus is basically to promote the Canine sector and influence a higher degree of love for the best friends of humans.
  • We are poised to also set the pace towards effecting the required regulations and promote socialization of dogs to prevent domestic attacks.
k9tvng, dogs, canine, k9 television
k9tvng, dogs, canine, k9 television

Want to live a healthier life? Maybe you should get a dog.

Get to Know the different dog breeds and their characteristics: Origin, health, care etc.

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